1. What kind of betting tips do you offer?

AsianHandicapper only offer betting tips that exclusively from underground insider. Is not prediction or analysis but only insider tips. And we offer betting type of Asian Handicap and Correct Score.

2. How can i make payment for the tips?

Payment can be make by either PayPal or Moneybooker, if you wish to have other payment channel please click on the purchase button, we are using gateway to accept different kind of payment.

3. What happen after payment is done?

Once payment completed we will send the purchased tip to your email directly. So, please provide a valid email. If you wish to fasten the progress please contact us once payment is made.

4. What happen when the tip i purchased lose or draw?

For 8x Asian Handicap tips package - replacement is based on credits. Lose tip will have replacement of 2 credits and draw tip will have 1 credit replacement. Member only required to renew when credits run out.

For correct score tip - replacement will be provide until profits made.

For monthly membership - replacement is based on credits. Every losing tip will entitle for 2 credits replacement and 1 credit for draw or cancelled tip. Member only required to renew when credits run out.

5. How can i contact you?

Please fill up the contact form here and we will contact you as soon as possible.


As member of A sianHandicapper we give you below features exclusively.